Little Dove started as a collection of songs written by Vanja (vonya), presented to percussionist Dylan Cooper.


Not being interested in using her own name, the name Little Dove was chosen and the duo played their first show at the Viper Room on April 7, 2013.


Within a week of their first show, Little Dove recorded an album live in a single day with engineer Fernando Perdomo. That record went on to be selected by Nic Harcourt for his Guitar Center Radio show, garnering airplay in 6 major US cities, as well as airplay in the UK and France.


Their first single off that debut album, titled "Misery", was featured on Season 6, Episode 9 of HBO's SHAMELESS.



Currently, Little Dove is working on Album #2. The album was recorded LIVE with Grammy Award winning engineer JJ Blair.  Little Dove spent two days with JJ doing the live tracking of 13 songs, and currently the record is being engineered and produced by Vanja and Mark Rains, who's mixed and engineered for acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death Valley Girls.


The upcoming album will be Little Dove's debut with standard drums , bass, and lead guitar, which showcases a lot of sonic growth from her first release.


The album features a heavy hitting rhythm section with David Filice on Bass (DMC, Bono) and Matt Tecu (Cat Power, BB King)


Vanja intends to release the album in a unique way - putting out a single a month starting summer 2018, with the plan to release the full album in January 2019, with special artistic collaborations to accompany each release.  


A true artist at heart, attention to detail and capturing the essence of the live performance is the foundation of this next album. Using live players, tube driven guitars and distortion, and a collection of vintage amps is the key to Little Dove's grunge inspired and guitar-heavy sound.