Little Dove began as a collection of songs that Vanja presented to a lone drummer. Having freshly relocated to Los Angeles, Vanja remembered Dylan's unique playing style and Dylan was the first musician she contacted about jamming.  Feeling the energy they created was worthy of their own name (and Vanja's hesitance to use her own name) - the name Little Dove was born, and the duo played their first show at the Viper Room on April 7, 2013.


A producer named Fernando was at that show and offered to record a "single song" for Little Dove. Much to the duo's surprise - a song turned into marathon recording session, and Little Dove's debut record was recorded in it's entirety a mere five days after Dylan & Vanja's first performance. They recorded 12 songs in only ten hours that day. Those 12 songs were mixed with the magic ears of Mark Rains (Rival Sons/Shooter Jennings) - and went on to be Little Dove's first record. The record was live, raw, and showcased two musicians doing what they do best: Authentically connecting with the songs, as one vehicle, minus any ego or pretentiousness.


Since that time, Vanja has used Little Dove as a vehicle for collaboration and exploration.  The concept of Little Dove is not so much a band, but more an open invitation for any competent musicians who wish to participate.


LIttle Dove as a duo earned comparisons such as "A role reversed White stripes" or a "stripped down version of Heart" , while 4 and 5 piece lineups draws comparisons to the likes of Queens of the Stoneage or Aretha Franklin - which echo back to the heavy-hitting rock sounds and soaring vocals that Vanja fell in love with when first conceptualizing Little Dove's songs.


In the last 3 years, Vanja has collaborated on Little Dove songs with Yogi Lonich (Chris Cornell), Chris Dimas (Bleeker), Anton Patzner (Bright Eyes).  Fernando Perdomo has remained a mainstay in the Little Dove framework, and in addition to recording, Fernando's guitar work can be heard on Little Dove's more recent singles.


Little Dove has played venues such as House of Blues, The Kibitz, and San Diego's Casbah.  They've had repeat appearances on San Diego radio such as fm 94.9, KPRI 102.1, radio play in France and the Netherlands, and a month long residency at The Viper Room.


Currently - Vanja is working on tracking for Little Dove's new record to be released in 2016.  Dylan & wife Roxy have a new baby boy who was born early this year - but that hasn't stopped Dylan & Vanja from sharing the stage - they will play again in traditional Little Dove duo form at Sassafras on May 28, 2016.